Lunes, Setyembre 8, 2014

It was very hot Sunday so my family went swimming

It's truly a pool weather so we slap on the sunscreen and headed to Astoria Regency. 


                          Mom, me, Mary Jane, Julie Anne and my sister Cricel

                                                        My crazy laugh tho hahaha





                          Outing is not complete without delicious food. Yay haha

                           My favorite Filipino Veggy Dish "Chopsuey" nom!

                                           Buttered chicken with achara

                                    And of course the Pancit for longer life Haha

                                                     Yey eating time!! Chow :)

                                     But first lemme take a selfie bahahaha :p

                                                I look tall here! Am I? Am I? 

      Swimming time!!

             We spend half of our time at the pool to cool off enjoying the warm water. 

                                                                Sister :)



                                          I really had a good time, it was relaxing and fun! 

Lunes, Agosto 18, 2014

I conquered Murok!

"If it doesn't challenged you, it doesn't changed you." 

Just last Sunday August 17, 2014 Murok Challenged 3.0 was held at Jardin Maria Clara, Pasonanca. This is the 3rd edition of the run organized by the Zamboanga Runners Club. 

Over 200 runners woke up early on a Sunday to support. The Murok Challenged 3.0 has 2 distances 13.5k and 9.5k. This is my first time to join a running event and I registered myself to a 9.5 category. I woke up around 4:00 am and arrived at Pasonanca Butterfly Garden at 5:20 am.

Before the run we were reminded to bring our own water bottles since the organizers of the race wont provide plastic cups in the hydration station and this is done as a way to help preserve the environment by discouraging the use of disposal plastic cups that are non-biodegradable and could be harmful to  Murok.

The event started with a cool warm-up. 

On that day, you’ll feel like a star as the crowds cheer you on every step of the way


When I arrived to the finish line they gave me the finisher’s certificate, first aid kit and a medal.  It was a wonderful heart pounding experience. It didn’t occur to me that I will be able to finish a 9.5k and finishing it was such an achievement.

This is my first running medal tadaaaa! There's no First Place or second or even third place engraved on it. Lol like everyone who finished the race got a medal. Bahahaha

After the race, we were given snacks; sandwiches, siopao, juice, water and taho. Nom nom

 We also had time to pose for some pictures and mingle with the other runners. 



 Participating and finishing this 9.5k run gave me a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment to fuel up my passion for running.

Credit to the owners of the photos. 

Running Photography Val




Gildalyn Juaton

Linggo, Agosto 10, 2014

What a beautiful world we live in

There is nothing better than being outdoor enjoying nature! 

I've always had a passion for the music and nature. I am inlove with mystical forests.. There's just something about it, the colour, the water, the calmness, the birds, the whispering of the leaves and the fresh air blowing on my face it's like taking all my worries with it.. I feel like the forests are my escape..

love hiking, grilling and chilling on a bonfire with a nice cold beer. I really enjoy sitting close to waterfalls watching the environment and listening to the sound of the river.




just going down by the river helps me forget about everything that's happening in my life and in the world. Lol yea I mean I just focus on myself a little bit, reflect, relax and partake in a beautiful day!




I know im sounding like a totally hippy but it really is beautiful. Haha so yea

Life has a few simple pleasures, and this is one of them! I hear no noise. Just nature. :)