Sabado, Nobyembre 14, 2015

Biyahe ni Elizabeth "DIPOLOG-DAPITAN-DAKAK"

This is a super duper late post but I decided to post it anyway. So this is my first travel adventure together with my family. 

Last July 24-27, we head out to Dipolog and Dapitan city, Zamboanga del Norte.

Day 1
From Zamboanga City, we took a Rural Bus to Dipolog. Travel time is around 8-9 hours and fare is almost P550. 

We left Zamboanga City around 4am and reach Dipolog City at 1:30pm. We had a smooth and safe bus ride. 

We immediately took a Tricycle to go to Antonio's pension house, its a two floor building about a 3 minute walk from Dipolog's boulevard.

             Antonio's Pension House

Day 1 
we had our lunch at the pensions house restaurant.

          Nandush enjoying her meal :)

When we reached the pension house we all went to our respective beds, and off to catch some sleep. 

At around 5pm we headed to the boulevard and immerse ourselves on their nightlife. Locals are chilling out having good conversation with a few sips of beer. 

                     My sister and I 

       My boyfriend John and me :)

Then we had our dinner at this "turo turo" the place is not just one restaurant, it is composed of numerous food stalls, almost all serving the same type of food, barbecue. From fish, pork, chicken, squid, isaw. A place for cheap eats and an experience in Dipolog not to be missed. 

Then after our dinner we headed to Dapitan to visit "Gloria Fantasyland" To get there we hailed a trike (100.00)  It’s one of the biggest theme park in the Philippines. The theme park is owned by the Jalosjos family. The place is perfect for friends and families who wants to enjoy and have fun.

Day 2

Our daily breakfast 

The next day we woke up early as our service will fetch us at 8:00am. We arrived at Dakak at around 9:00am. 

We paid Php 1000 each its consumable so we got the chance to choose where we want to spend our tickets. 

We had our lunch at View deck seafood restaurant and  afterwards we went to this souvenir shop and bought some stuffs. 

We immediately explored Dakak and enjoyed the beach.

The beach resort is a nice place to unwind and to relax. It has aqua sports facilities for kayaking, snorkeling and jet ski too. 

The place was a paradise, a great sight to see. 

We stayed there for 8 hours then we headed back to Dipolog and had our dinner at the turo turo again. 

We also went to this "Dipolog City Trade Fair"  it is a group of stalls that are set up temporarily in open spaces. We went around to check out the merchandise.

Day 3
On our last day at Dipolog after eating our breakfast we rode a trike (7.00) that took us to the town to buy pasalubong but unfortunately all the souvenir shops were closed so we ended up buying our souvenirs at malls. 

We left Dipolog at 12noon and arrived safely in Zamboanga around 7pm. 

There's so many stories to tell on what happened in our 3days and 2nights vacation but I want to keep mum invoking this dogma: 
“What happened in Dipolog stays in Dipolog!”

It was indeed a good trip and to sum it all up, my three-day getaway was definitely a blast!